This group is for owners of Creative-Type Businesses (painters, etsy shop owners, bakers, sewers, business coaches, sign makers, wreath makers, etc.) to exchange Content & Resources with each other. We are a group of like minded creative business owners that support, exchange, and promote fellow like minded business owners. This is a closed subscription group. Join us below!

This is a participation group - you must post at least 2 original items a month to the FB group and you must share at least 5 items that are from outside sources (not yours). You can then use as much as the content as you want from the group to add to your social media pages! The idea is that all of us are looking for relevant creative content to add to our website/and social media pages. It's hard to search daily and find great relevant content. Our group is here to help serve as an information exchange resource. Our Admins also post original content and royalty free images for you to use monthly. We can all support each other and gain relevant content resources at the same time!

This is also a great way to share your lives, freebies, and demos, as well as find great ones to share on your own page. Win -win!

   Things you get:

  • Access to creative content that you can share on your social media pages

  • Access to original content to share on your social media pages

  • Access to royalty free content that you can add your company info to and then share on your website or social media pages (royalty free images can cost up to 29.99 for just 1 image!)

  • Ability to share YOUR content, demos, tutorials, images, and live videos to the group to be shared on other group member's pages and spread the word about your products/services/and company.

  • Access to viral videos and images that are uploaded to the group so you don't have to go looking everywhere on the internet to find them!

Feb. Special!! Join now and get your First Month FREE!

The monthly subscription group is just 5.99 a month thereafter. You can cancel anytime. Please join via the form below!

Questions? Cancellations?

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