Analysing the Numbers

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Program Rates

Our pricing is quick and easy and is based on the number of subscribers. No money out of pocket to you - we take it out of the monthly subscription rate. You set your own subscription rate pricing. Below are our rates per group.

Simple, Easy Rates:

  • 0-50 subscribers, $30 flat fee per month

  • 51-200 subscribers, 1.00 per subscriber, per month

  • 201-500 subscribers, 1.25 per subscriber, per month

  • 501-1000 subscribers, 1.50 per subscriber, per month

  • 1001-2000 subscribers, 1.75 per subscriber, per month

  • 2001-3000 subscribers, 2.00 per subscriber, per month

  • 3000+, contact us for custom quote

*Subscribers are calculated on the 5th of each month. Payouts to you are done on the 5th of each month minus credit card processing fees and our fees.

Take advantage of this untapped earning potential!

Examples of your potential earnings:

Let's say that you have a jewelry design business where you create and sell your products. Why not monetize on another stream of revenue by doing a FB closed subscription based group!! You provide subscribers an exclusive look into your business and life. 

If you get 200 subscribers @ 14.99 - that is $2998...PER MONTH!

Just for doing a couple of videos, posts, live videos, and connecting with your subscribers. Guys, that's and extra 35K per year. 

Now imagine if you get 1000 subscribers @ 19.99 or more! Think Big!! Just put out great content and they will follow.

...And the best part is that we do all the hard work for you!!!