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Subscription Group Community Management

We save you TIME, STRESS, and MONEY so you spend more time with family and friends!

We take care of all the hard work for you so you can concentrate on being creative! No more trying to wade through numerous emails, subscription requests, payment questions, cancellations, removals, etc. We manage it all!

Complete Community Management

  • Help to set up your group if you don't already have one

  • Customized Subscribzer sign up page created just for your group 

  • Process Subscription Group registrations

  • Contact subscribers with instructions of how to join FB group after they register

  • Approve subscription join requests and add to FB group once validated

  • Option to create a monthly schedule and we post it to the group on the 1st of each month for you 

  • Option to have us Post Group Rules & Policies in Files Section for you 

  • Monitor group for rules violations and remove posts as needed *extra fee

  • Manage monthly subscriber payments, cancellations, and removals

  • Answer questions regarding billing and account support from subscribers

Why do a Subscription FB Group?

If you are a Blogger, Creator, Maker, Coach, or Designer - you NEED to start a FB closed group. Having a closed group will allow you to start a subscription group where you can monetize it! Don't miss out on this untapped income potential. This will bring in monthly recurring income and provide you with another income stream - all for doing what you already do! See our resources page for ideas and help with your group.


What you do: Connect with your subscribers and show them a more 'personal' side of you. You are giving them exclusive access to you! Come up with a monthly adgenda and post things like exclusive projects, more in-depth instructions, Live videos, exclusive tips, etc. to maintain a relationship with your subscribers.

Contact us today to get set up with your own Subscribzer account and start monetizing your FB groups!