Glass Painting

By Pam Lester, Owner of Le Painted Grape

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This is the sign up page for the Facebook group, Learn Glass Painting. This is a monthly subscription group and you will learn at least 2 or more full glass designs in detail each month! 


Detailed Instructions

Materials List

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Glass Painting Tips and Resources

If you are an experienced painter, you will get new design ideas and tips, if you are new to this, we show you Step By Step - so anyone can do it!! Try it and see!


We will teach you step by step in a video and provide you with the written instructions. You will learn the art of glass painting and tips and techniques. This group is great for all skill levels. Projects will mostly include Painting on a Wine Glass, but can also include bonuses of painting on mason jars, beer steins, glass plates, ornaments & more! 

This is our creative group, Learn Wine Glass Painting. If you are interested in Business Group, click here.


*this is a creative group only - designs, tips and techniques that you learn are for your personal use only. If you are interested in teaching or creating designs for profit - then please join our Business Of Glass Painting Group. By signing up for this group you agree to these terms, and to the rules of the group. You can cancel at any time, but you will be charged for the current month that you are in. 


**cancel at any time!**




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For group or subscription questions, please contact us below. 

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