The Business of

Glass Painting Parties

- by Pam Lester - the Glass Painting Gal


Welcome creatives!! This monthly subscription group is for those wanting to teach Glass Painting Parties to find information, tips, support and business coaching from industry leader,

Pam Lester (<-click to read bio). This group is open to all creative entrepreneurs. Whether you have a classes, events, or parties - this group is an invaluable resource and you will become part of a community.

For less you'd pay for a cup of coffee a day - you will receive valuable business information, ideas, resources, training, guest speakers and more all about Glass Painting Parties! You will also receive support, ideas, and information from your peers. This group will become your lifeline to our industry. 

#CommunityOverCompetition - come be a part of us!














Please note - you must subscribe via the below link and then go back to FB to click Join and be added to our business group. There is NO start date for our group, so you can join in at any time when we are open. You will receive access to any previous information. Cancel at any time!


We coach you on the ins and outs of the Glass Painting Party business as well as valuable resources of the biz. This group is great for those just starting, or for veterans to get tips and support! 

No contracts!   No revenue split!   No required kit purchase!

By signing up for this group you agree to these terms, and to the rules of the group. You can cancel at any time, but you will be charged for the current month that you are in. 

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Thanks for your interest in joining The Business of Glass Painting Parties!! I can't wait to share information and resources with you on a monthly basis. I am excited for you to become part of this group!!

- Pam Lester - the Glass Painting Gal

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